Travel Laundry Bag


Hola! This week’s post is extra fun for me because it means my Europe trip is getting closer! I mentioned back in May in my Travel Items post that I would be DIYing a few items for my trip. This is one of those items, DIY travel laundry bag. I made this one for eHow where you can get the full project tutorial, link after the jump.

Before using them I found myself resorting to plastic grocery bags for my dirty clothes. I wanted something reusable that I could always travel with; make it a part of my traveling essentials. I decided to make my own travel laundry bags since I wasn’t satisfied with ones available for purchase, and I would be able to use the fabric I liked. You too can personalize them with your own choice of fabric and drawstring. I encourage you to choose the type of fabric that matches your style, but keep in mind using a fabric like cotton will help your clothes breathe and not must up the bag. Of course, with my minimalist aesthetic, I chose a very simple, modern look; making use of white cotton fabric for the bag and brown leather for the drawstring.

image_2After traveling with them for the first time last week, I feel laundry bags are an overlooked travel item. I was attending my sister’s wedding up in Camarillo, CA over the weekend, and it fit perfectly in my weekender bag. I stayed in a house with the other bridesmaids and it helped when a few of us switched rooms and I was able to keep all my dirty clothes separate from my clean clothes. This is exactly what I’ll need when I travel from city-to-city for my Europe trip. This DIY laundry bag is for the beginner sewer, so don’t worry, it’s easy! If you don’t have a sewing machine you can do this project with a hand stitch — it will just take a bit longer. Have fun, and don’t forget, get creative with your fabric and string choices!

See full tutorial here


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