And the Oscar Ballot Goes To…



I’m jumping on the Oscars bandwagon, and with the help of my graphic designer husband, created Hola Sara’s very own Oscars Ballot! Hopefully this first ballot becomes a tradition, and will push my husband and I to design something fresh each year.

Here’s my filled in ballot, see how your predictions compared to mine. Don’t have a ballot of your own? Download a blank Hola Sara Oscar ballot by clicking the image below.


Of the most popular category, best picture, I’ve seen 4 out of the 8. Before last year’s Oscars I saw 3 of the 9 nominated for best picture. I’m getting better each year, it seems, and hopefully, next year I’ll get to see more than half the films before the Oscars roll around. My pick for this year, based solely on the 4 I’ve seen, is The Grand Budapest HotelThe Theory of Everything came as a close 2nd for me, I bawled my eyes out watching it — my husband has Boyhood on his Oscar ballot. We’ll see who wins.

Enjoy and have fun making your own predictions, and see how you score. As a reminder, tune in Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 5:30PM PST on ABC as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honor the best films of 2015.


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