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I’ll be traveling to Europe this fall, and it got me thinking of what I plan to bring. I also realized I’ll need to pick up some travel items as well.  Here is a little roundup of what I’ll be traveling with.

I learned of This is Ground, a downtown LA based company through Instagram. I was looking for something to organize my charger and headphones cords, and the cordito cord and plug roll is exactly what I needed.

Shopping around for a toiletry bag was difficult. There are so many to options. I am looking for something simple and timeless — Everlane has exactly what I’m looking for. I’m going to use my Everlane tote as my personal item, since I can fit all my gadgets and a crossbody purse inside with room to spare.

After choosing 2 items from Everlane’s collection, I was sold and will be taking Everlane’s weekender bag. It matched my criteria; it meets airline carry on dimensions, matches what I already own, and is affordable.

The last two items I will DIY. I was inspired to make my own luggage tags from Almost Makes Perfect. She is a genius DIYer — always coming up with cool stuff. Lastly, are the laundry bags. I feel this item is overlooked when traveling, but really important as it helps keep your clothes organized and not wrapped in plastic bags. I plan to do laundry while I’m there, and one of the filters I use when searching for an airBnB is washer and dryer availability. I plan to DIY my laundry bags and I am drawing inspiration from these by Kate Spade.

Until next time, adios mis amigos.  

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