Poppy & Rose – The Cutest Little Cafe


Last Friday I went to Poppy & Rose with my best gal pal from @GritzyDTLA. We usually go here after spending the morning at the flower mart, which is conveniently right across the street. It has kind of become a flower mart ritual for us.

PR_Image_6 PR_Image_5

 This place is adorable and affordable, with fresh flowers on every table (straight from the flower mart), a warm and cheerful staff to greet and excellent service. They serve American diner style breakfast and lunch, both served all day. Hours are limited however, they’re only open for breakfast and lunch, but since the flower district isn’t open later it makes sense to close up early. There is $2 parking validation with a minimum $15 purchase.

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 I don’t have photos of all my different meals there, but that’s only because I’m so excited to start eating the delicious food I don’t remember until it’s already half eaten.

PR_Image_13 PR_Image_12 PR_Image_11

PR_Image_1 PR_Image_10 PR_Image_3

 After an outing at the flower mart, this little side street cafe is the perfect spot to walk into. Have you been here, what’s your favorite meal there?

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