How I Learned Calligraphy


Hola! I have received a few request from friends and family about where I learned calligraphy — which is the inspiration for this post.

As some of you may know I dabble in calligraphy. I recently rekindled my love for calligraphy last year and now I follow a few calligraphers on instagram and I envy every single letter and word I see. Way back in the day, 4th grade to be exact, I took a summer school course in calligraphy. I learned the basics and history. It wasn’t modern calligraphy but I liked it enough that I wanted to get back into it now, in my 30’s.

Well you ask, where did I learn and rekindle my love for calligraphy? It’s easy, on Skillshare! What is Skillshare? It’s a wonderful online learning community for creators. Anyone can take online classes, watch videos lessons, create projects, and even teach a class themselves.

Through instagram and bloglovin I found modern calligrapher, Molly Jacques. She offers many workshops around the country, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to attend any. When I found out she was offering a class on Skillshare, I signed up immediately! This time I would learn modern calligraphy, instead of my 4th-grade Old English calligraphy, not that it is bad, it’s not my aesthetic anymore. I have been practicing my calligraphy with her instructions and online tutorials — at my own pace, while in my pjs! How great is that? I usually practice in the evenings before bedtime. There is something soothing about it for me. She is a wonderful online instructor and very good for someone who wants to learn calligraphy, or like me, getting back into it. She also offers advance courses for those who are badass! I hope to be a badass calligrapher someday.

Here is some of my calligraphy work.


calligraphy_image_6calligraphy_image_7calligraphy_image_5If you are interested, check it out by clicking this link!

Happy Calligraphy-ing

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