Cacti Types


Hola! This week I have a charming round-up of my favorite cacti in my home. Two of which have a special meaning for me. I keep my pincushion (4) on my kitchen windowsill. It flowers the cutest little magenta flowers. The rest — bunny ear (1), golden barrel (2), red top (3) and abuelito (5) — I keep outdoors on my balcony. They get bright light and full afternoon sun.

cacti_chartYou might be wondering, “What’s an ‘abuelito’ cactus?” Well, the truth is, I don’t know what kind of cactus it is either; “abuelito” is just my nickname for it. This cutting is almost 20 years old, originally from a cactus that belonged to my abuelito. Which I then received as a cutting from my dad earlier this year.

My other special cactus is the bunny ear. As it’s the inspiration for the Hola Sara logo. When designing my logo, it was only natural to use a cactus for it. I decided on the bunny ear as I love it’s silhouette.


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