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Hi guys! I have a great roundup today, covering all my essential travel items. These are always on my packing list whenever I go on a trip – big and small.



A surge protector power strip is a must. You don’t realize how many items need to be charged. It’s helpful when you’re in a hotel or airbnb where the outlets are limited. And, you can save on foreign power adapters.

Next on my list is a battery charger. I find this extremely useful when traveling abroad. I slip it in my purse and I don’t need to worry about my phone’s battery life. The one I use can charge multiple devices at once and if shared, you can get at least a charge for both devices — score!

Skooba’s device organizer is a must have! It’s slim enough to fit in your carry-on or suitcase and will hold the surge protector and extra battery, along with your phone cables, and any other electronics and cords you find yourself traveling with. I love this item because all your electronics can be in one spot which makes it easy when going through airport security checks.

These next two are self-care items that make your flight and jet-lag manageable. Nidra’s sleep mask is a dream! It contours to your face and eyelids. The design have molded cups that curve away from your eyes and especially your eyelashes so there is no rubbing while you sleep. They are also completely dark, no light peaks through. The Nidra sleep mask has allowed me to sleep comfortably in many a plane ride. Not too far away from my sleep mask, in my carry-on bag, is Pure’s Luxury Collagen Eye Mask. It has helped a lot with red-eye flights taking care of my puffy, tired eyes adding a boost of moisture. I’m able to leave the plane feeling refreshed without looking tired.

The last items are for your luggage. Traveling with my parents in the 90s, my mom would tie a bow around our suitcases to pick them out easily. Now, traveling as an adult, I love adding my own flare to my suitcase. You can get tassels just about anywhere, but I love the DesignLoveFest line at Target. Her fun colors make it easy for me to spot my suitcase on the carousel. A laundry bag is your suitcase’s best friend. It’s often an overlooked item, but extremely important because it keeps my dirty clothes separate from my clean clothes. I have a simply DIY tutorial here on the blog, if you’d like to make one yourself.

And finally, my suitcases are never without packing cubes. Packing your suitcase can be like a game of tetris. With Amazon’s packing cubes, I can neatly store and organize my clothes with square and rectangular pieces. The handles make it easy to remove, and the mesh fabric allows my clothes to breath and for me to find what I’m looking for in a glance.

I hope these items are as useful to you as they are to me. You can find the links to each item below.


Happy traveling!

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