R2 Where Are You?

Vance Creek Viaduct


R2, where are you? Last June I had the opportunity to take a 2 week road trip with Hello Bongo from LA to Vancouver, Canada. On the way, we made a bunch of stops and saw many beautiful places.


One of those places is the Vance Creek Viaduct, located in Sheldon, Washington. And I must say, it’s absolutely breathtaking, located in a thick forest valley in the Olympic peninsula. It is the 2nd tallest trestle bridge in the United States at 347 feet high and 422 feet long. It’s currently closed, abandoned  and off limits to hikers. It is located on private property belonging to an active logging company, but for all you rebels, you can find tons of directions online to get there. I love bridges and exploring places that are abandoned and off the beaten path, so we took our chances and made the trek out there. 

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