Big Sur – Part 1


Hi friends and welcome new ones. Today’s post is about my recent trip to Big Sur. Big Sur is on the central coast of California and spans from San Simeon to Carmel. California’s winding Highway Route 1 cuts through this beautiful terrain. The seaside cliffs and misty atmosphere make this place magical. I was there for 3 days and 2 nights and stayed at the lovely Fernwood Resort. Having Fernwood as my base camp, I was able to explore some nearby hiking trails. I went to McWay Falls and Partington Cove. McWay Falls is one of the most photographed and recognizable landscapes in Big Sur; I was excited to see it in person. The day I visited was overcast, but the views were still breathtaking, it was very ethereal. Read More..


Olive Wreath


Hola amigos. It feels good to be back and posting here for you! I recently did this fun project for eHow — How to Make an Olive Wreath. I love this project because it’s simple and beautiful. Two of my favorite things in a DIY project. I hope you have fun making this pretty wreath. I have mine hung out on my front door, but it will look good just about anywhere. Where do you plan to put yours? hero_v3a Read More..


Hace Poco


Hace poco –  It’s been awhile since my last post. I feel bad not posting regularly. Life is just taking over right now. So many new things have happened since my last post. I moved and I adopted a dog, Frida, from the Pasadena Humane Society. She came into my life so quickly and I am absolutely in love with her.   Read More..


The Cutest Bunny Cupcakes


Hola! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something around here.  Life has been busy and a few things have captured more of my attention lately. Some of the exciting things happening around here, is I moved. I’m getting used to my new neighborhood and surroundings. I also rescued the cutest little dog, Frida. You can follow her on Instagram here.  Read More..


Nuevo Ano


Hi friends, and welcome new ones! I am happy to be going on my second year with Hola Sara. I really appreciate your readership and coming back each week, it really means so much. I’m fired-up about this year, and what I can accomplish. I’m not into resolutions, but I like to think about what I could do more of. I have a small list that I would like to share with you below.   Read More..