Succulent Types


I love succulents! I have a good variety in my apartment. I love succulents for their beauty, uniqueness and low maintenance, especially because of their ability to propagate. I am in awe each time I am able to grow another one from my original plant. The fact that with as little as a leaf laying on top of soil you could have a whole new plant is amazing.


Here are some of my favorite varieties. Maybe one of these will be your favorite too. Remember: succulents are enjoyable for the novice to seasoned grower, so don’t fret if you don’t think you have a green thumb.


I water these succulents once week during the warmer (hot so-cal months) , and every two or three weeks during the cooler/winter months. I also check the soil with my finger and make sure it’s dry between watering. I don’t water if the soil is still moist. I let the soil dry out before I water again. I water my plants every Saturday. It’s a nice treat for me to wake up and not have to rush off to work, but rather enjoy attending to them. I make sure they are looking healthy and if they are growing to tall or overcrowding, I take a cutting and replant or repot the plant completely. I hope this chart inspires you to start your own little garden. Succulents are quite surprising.



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